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Hey, I'm Nessa, 20 years old, german and probably a crazy fan just like you!
I love shows. I love blogging. I love blogging about shows. See where this is going?
On this blog you'll find posts related to Supernatural, In The Flesh, Teen Wolf (although I'm way behind but I'll promise I'll get there!), Avengers, Marvel, Les Misérables, Welcome to Night Vale and who knows what else. Sometimes I even manage to drabble stuff.
Be prepared for shows, shipping, musicals and broadway stuff, but most of all: fun!

You've been warned. Enjoy the ride!

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Ah, this was fun to do even though it’s a pretty silly thing XD (and took a while to make…well human derek did lol)
Made the sprites from scratch (also referencing pkmn gsc trainer/pkmn sprites to make them a little less wonky XD;)
I conveniently had the dialogue boxes because I had screenshots of when Derek my Dragonair was evolving in pkmn crystal, so… yay

This is awesome! :d you did amazing pixel job! :DDDD

"She said that our family not just live in Beacon Hills… They protect it. This town need someone to protect it."

I think we all need to take a minute to think about how evil Derek had the potential to become. Villains always have a trigger. Derek ignored his and became a hero.

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it’s the smiles you don’t intend to make that mean the most.it’s proof that it’s real.it doesn’t matter how small the smile is.you can’t control yourself around him.

it’s the smiles you don’t intend to make that mean the most.
it’s proof that it’s real.
it doesn’t matter how small the smile is.
you can’t control yourself around him.

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me and a few other ppl have been sick lately and i was like “what better way to make myself feel better than derek and cats and a fugly sweater”

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